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EU Land-21 project | Review Summerschool Vilnius


From 27 to 31 August a Summerschool in landscape architecture took place in Vilnius within the framework of the Erasmus + EULand21 project ‘Strategic partnership towards transparency of competences’ in which the DSL participates. The EULand 21 Erasmus + project aims, among other things, to develop a bachelor’s in landscape architecture at the University of Vilnius in Lithuania. Competences and components of the proposed program were tested during the Summerschool.

Other partners of the project are universities from Poland, Hungary, Estonia and Lithuania and the IFLA. The Bachelor’s program is now almost completed. Landscape architects from Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary and Italy enthusiastically designed for different locations in the city of Vilnius, including parks, a river bank and the site of a ruined synagogue.

The Urbanism and Landscape Architecture Department of the Vilnius University of Technology was actively involved in the Summerschool. For the students it was a great experience to work together in a pressure cooker with unknown colleagues from other countries and to design a plan together.

The Summerschool contained lectures from the ECLAS and the partner organizations, including the IFLA. From Van Hall Larenstein University, Jack Martin and Ad Koolen gave lectures on design and sustainable agriculture in the urban periphery, from the DSL Jan Herman Meijer (infrastructure) and Jeroen de Vries (sustainability) provided lectures and introductions. At the final presentations, a number of landscape architects from Lithuania were present as well as representatives of the Lithuanian organization of landscape architects. The DSL model proves to be highly valued internationally, according to the mutual discussions.

Erasmus + EULand21 project

The EULand21 project aims for trans-European recognition of the landscape architecture profession. In addition, it aims to develop tools for assessing existing study programs and courses according to the standards and requirements of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA-Europe) and the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS). In addition partners work on the development of a bachelor landscape architecture for the University of Vilnius. Partners are universities from Estonia, Poland, Hungary, the Netherlands (DSL) and Lithuania and the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA-Europe).