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EU-Land21 project meeting in Krakow


On 21 November the partners of the EU-Land21 project joined in Krakow. The team worked on a bachelor’s program in landscape architecture for Vilnius’s technical university, which could also serve as a concept for new programs elsewhere in Europe.

On 21 November, the partners of the Erasmus+ Strategic Project EU-LAND21 met in Krakow and continued the development of a bachelor’s program in landscape architecture for Vilnius University in Lithuania. The program also serves as a concept for simular programs in the Baltic States, Poland and Hungary. Other landscape courses in Europe can also benefit from it. Guided by IFLA-Europe and the Dutch School of Landscape Architecture, descriptions of blocks of competences and learning lines have been made. During the workshop in Krakow, the first proposals for modules were discussed and some concepts for the classification of the course were explored. The proposals for learning lines, modules and training concepts will be presented at IFLA in Brussels on Saturday 28 April. For further information, please contact