Landschapsarchitectuur NLnewsTU Delft starts project for Oerol festival Terschelling

TU Delft starts project for Oerol festival Terschelling


The TU Delft Landscape Architecture group will be at the Oerol Festival again this year. A new group of students is designing a new project at the beach of Terschelling. Aim is to make a unique response to the Sense of Place.

Three weeks ago, the team went on a fieldtrip to Terschelling. With a big canvas sheet and a bike, they explored the island; the different landscapes – marshlands, polder, forests, dunes and beach – and the design spot during the Oerol Festival.

The team has been working in six separate teams, each following a particular theme and preparing ideas to suit. On May 22, after a week of hard work, the students showcased their ideas to one another as well as to some outside guests, including OEROL’s organisers team and some of the members of last years group. The day was extremely successful, everyones enthusiasm for the project shone through in each idea.

On facebook you can follow the design process, activities and the day-to-day events in the festival week. More info: TU Delft Oerol 2016 website.