Landschapsarchitectuur NLnewsShoreScape: dune landscape development for better coastal management

ShoreScape: dune landscape development for better coastal management


There are more ways of managing coastal defence than building dikes and dams; the sea can also be tamed through smart coastal landscaping. The Urbanism department of TU Delft has been awarded an NWO grant jointly with TU Twente for research into a symbiosis of building and sand protection through dune formation. This year researchers will start work by establishing a number of test sites in the Dutch coastal zone. 

Project leader Steffen Nijhuis of the Landscape Architecture Group: “On the one hand we want to gain a better understanding of sand flows around beach constructions, and on the other hand we want to improve the design of beach constructions so they can steer sand flows and replenish the coastal dunes. This should lead to safe coasts and the sustainable development of dune landscapes.”

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