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PLEA 2050: Towards a delta plan for energy transition


On Tuesday 3 July, Ed Nijpels – chairman of the Climate Council – 2050 will receive PLEA 2050. PLEA 2050 was organized at the initiative of the Vereniging Deltametropool together with the professional practice. The key message of the plea is: no energy transition without a national spatial program. The event is part of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2018 (IABR).

No energy transition without a plan for how the spatial quality of our cities and landscapes will be safeguarded in the coming thirty years at national and regional level. That is the key message that Nijpels will receive. This is in line with this edition of the IABR, which is fully committed to the solid anchoring of spatial design in the approach of the energy transition and vice versa, and which positions the energy transition as a lever for urban quality, for a socially inclusive city: Energy = Space = Solidarity.

IABR 2018-20: Sustainable Development Goals

The eighth and ninth edition of the IABR called THE MISSING LINK are entirely dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and the climate agreement of Paris. IABR-2018 + 2020-THE MISSING LINK focuses, from the design perspective, on how the necessary upscaling and acceleration of the transition to a resilient future can be realized in a better way. In order to be able to work on that great task, the focus will be on the Delta of the Low Countries first. In The Netherlands and Belgium, design research takes place and IABR-Ateliers, the partnerships between the IABR and various provinces and municipalities have been started up. What and how can design power contribute to our future in the delta and to the delta of the future?

Location: HAKA Building
Date: July 3
Time: 7:30 – 9:30 pm (doors open 7:00 pm)
Language: Dutch

Admission is free but registration is required, please click here.

Image: IABR–ATELIER GRONINGEN / maat ontwerpers