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Landscape Triennial Haarlemmermeer 2017


After three years, the Landscape Triennial returns in September 2017. Location: the bottom of Park21, in the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer. An extraordinary area with new experimental coalitions for landscape.

Every three years, the Landscape Triennial is held somewhere in the Netherlands. This time in Park21, Haarlemmermeer. During the Landscape Triennial the landscape will be celebrated. The awareness of the values enshrined in it, but also the involvement of farmers, citizens, administrators, managers and professionals will be strengthened. The Landscape Triennial makes conversation possible about opportunities, development, cooperation and solutions for the landscape of the future.

Landscape of the future: all welcome to participate!

What will our environment look like the coming ages? What are the driving forces behind changes in the landscape? Who is responsable for making them?
Various partners are working on an extensive program of excursions, exhibitions, expert meetings, a Summer School for students, an Innovation Festival and a cultural program including theater ‘Op Stoom’ by Karavaan.

The Landscape Triennial will take place from 1 to 30 September 2017. The program will be online soon, want to know more? Go to: