Landschapsarchitectuur NLnewsHAS Den Bosch joins DSL

HAS Den Bosch joins DSL


As of January first 2014, HAS Den Bosch University of Applied Sciences joined the Dutch School of Landscape Architecture. The HAS is the sixth partner of the DSL, in addition to the TU Delft, Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, Wageningen University, VH Larenstein University of Applied Sciences and the NVTL.

The study Landscape Design at HAS was founded in 2009 and has grown into a fully-fledged bachelor education in landscape design. Reason for the DSL to invite HAS to join their organisation. Arnoud van der Wal, member of the management team of HAS, will participate in the DSL board.

The study Landscape Design is part of the Rural Renewal programme of HAS. The study presents itself as practical and internationally oriented and has grown from 18 students in 2009 to 80 in 2013. Last year, the first six students graduated.


The HAS joining the DSL is interesting in several respects for HAS, according to Van der Wal: “Our first priority was to ensure a solid study programme and organization. Now that we have succeeded in that, it is time to profile ourselves to the field, students and internationally. Joining DSL will contribute to that in serveral ways. It is very valuable for us that companies know us and see that we are a mature partner, especially when our students are looking for an internship. In that respect, the DSL for us is a kind of label.”

Share knowledge, benefit for all

Jan Herman Meijer, director of the DSL, is very pleased that HAS has joined the DSL. “The DSL can fulfill it’s role as promotor of the educational institutes in the garden and landscape architecture even better. In addition, it is very inspiring to share knowledge with the HAS team. They are ambitious, know what they are doing and bring their own perspective on teaching. All DSL-partners will benefit.”