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Final document Coastal Quality Studio online


For the past two years, the Coastal Quality Studio (Atelier Kustkwaliteit) has been investigating ways to improve the quality of the Dutch coast by means of long-term protective measures.

The Coastal Quality Studio conducted design research on the way the distribution of the sand that is needed annually to anticipate the rising sea levels can be used for nature, recreation and to create added value to coastal towns and boulevards. The results are summarized in the publication ‘Safety and quality of the Dutch coast: towards 2100’. The Coastal Quality Studio concluded that it is possible to improve the coastal quality with coastal defenses and that it is a common task for all parties working on the coast.

Coastal Quality Studio

The studio was established as an independent workplace for the development, design, elaboration, dissemination and discussion of new ideas combining coastal defence and spatial quality. Founded jointly by the national government’s Delta Programme (Coast subprogramme), the provinces of Friesland, Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland and Zeeland, the City of The Hague, marine engineering contractor Van Oord BV and Delft University of Technology.

The document can be downloaded in English: Atelier Coastal Quality Studio website.

Photo: Saskia Bottenberg.