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TU Delft creates installation Foresea for Oerol 2016


In June TU Delft Master students created the installation Foresea for the Oerol festival 2016. Theme of the design was rising sea levels.

Through answering propositions students tried to launch a debate amongst visitors of Oerol on this theme, an issue that all of us are responsible for. They also informed visitors about the consequences of sea level rise and created more awareness about what we can do as a human being to make a difference.

Sea of ropes

The installation consisted of a total of 57 steel piles of 6 meters that were placed on the beach of Hoorn, Terschelling. Each pile was equipped with a different proposition. The visitors were asked to go to two poles and answer two related propositions. After doing so, they got a blue rope that they subsequently had to tie between the two poles. The height at which the ropes were attached, was determined by the extent to which visitors agreed or disagreed with the statement. Each visiteer acted in this way and contributed to the making of a sea of ropes.
All the answers to the propositions were also tracked and combined with visitors information about their age, gender and place of residence  to see whether any interesting conclusies could be drawn. Are visitors of Oerol aware of the problem that sea level rise poses and are they willing to adapt to reduce sea level rise?

More info: The project Facebook page and website.