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TU Delft lectures & workshop: How to transition?


March 18th, TU Delft is organizing lectures and a workshop about Energy transition, called: ‘How do we transition’? 

Over the past decades, we have been rapidly depleting our planet’s resources. Now, we as a global society face the consequences. Surely, it’s easy to have a dystopian view of the future, but what if this challenge is exactly what we need? What if we can take this opportunity to create our own future?


  • Boris Hocks, founding partner of Posad, will speak about the energy transition. How can we use and produce energy more sustainable and how will this influence our landscapes?
  • Walter Dresscher, founder of De Natuurlijke Stad and DNADN, will speak about the mobility transition. How will we move around in the future and what does this mean for the livability of cities?

After talks and debate it is possible to participate in a workshop with Ellen Willemse of Stichting Toekomstbeeld der Techniek. In the workshop Science Fiction Prototyping as a method will be explored.

Spots are limited. More information and sign up: go to the Facebook event page or send an email to!