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Architects register

The Academic Titles (Architects) Act protects the title of garden and landscape architect. Only persons who are registered in the Architects Register are entitled to bear the title. The Architects Registration Office (Bureau Architectenregister) manages the Architects Register.

Aims of the Academic Titles (Architects) Act

The aims of the Academic Titles (Architects) Act are:

  • Quality guarantee: It guarantees that designers of town and countryside are properly educated and competent to do their work.
  • Client protection: A client who appoints a registered architect may assume that the architect possesses the necessary professional qualifications to carry out the commission.
  • Implementation of European regulations: This clarifies the legal position of Dutch architects, urban designers, garden and landscape architects, and interior architects, and it facilitates working in other EU countries.
  • Regulation on Professional Experience Period

Professional Experience Period

As from January 2015, on the basis of the Academic Titles (Architects) Act, the Regulation on the Professional Experience Period comes into effect. This means that graduates who have successfully completed a Masters course must first acquire two years of professional experience under the supervision of an experienced mentor. Following this period, they can register in the Architects Register and therefore bear the title of garden and landscape architect.