Landschapsarchitectuur NLnewspublicationNew Booklet ‘Winter School 2015: Occupy the Ring A10′

New Booklet ‘Winter School 2015: Occupy the Ring A10′


This year’s Winter School of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture was dedicated to living with all that lives in the city. Students explored the values and and future of the vast property of Rijkswaterstaat in the city of Amsterdam: the shoulders of the Ringway A10. In this booklet all models are brought together, presenting 19 solutions for the Ring A10. 

The winning entry ‘The Never Ending Forest’ promised life for all, a public use of the shoulders and a healthy green character shining of on Amsterdam to passers by. Cis Apeldoorn (director Department of Environmental Planning and Sustainability, City of Amsterdam) and Rients Dijkstra (State Advisor Infrastructure), assisted the jury in their judgement.

Exhibition Haarlem

Rijkswaterstaat in the city of Haarlem will exhibit the models in their office from June 9 on. All models together make one circle representing 19 solutions for the Ringway A10.