HAS green academy (Bachelor)

HAS green academy (Bachelor)

HAS green academy has been offering the HBO study program Management of the Living Environment (ML) since 2009.

Within this program, landscape design is one of the graduation subjects. The course is a Dutch full-time study and lasts four years. (Design) workshops are the common thread of this program. In addition to spatial design and layout, the emphasis is on cooperation with other disciplines, environmental orientation, entrepreneurship and internationalization.

First year: foundation

In the first year, you lay the foundation for your further education. Both the landscapes of the Netherlands and urban areas are central in that first year. After a broad introduction, in the second half of the year you will work in projects in both urban and more rural environments. Several field trips are part of the foundation year.

Second year: orientation

In the second year, you will develop more specifically in your own direction. In various design workshops, you will work on design assignments, which are initially simple and small-scale and become increasingly large-scale and complex. Parallel to these workshops, you will take substantive courses, including those on imagination, innovation, assortment, water systems, urban green space and policy, and work on your professionalization. Important social themes such as climate change, population growth, greenery and health and biodiversity form the leitmotif of year two.

Third year and fourth year: broadening and deepening

Years 3 and 4 of this study consist of four semesters in total, to which you can give your own interpretation. Doing an internship, doing a minor and graduating are fixed components, but to a large extent you can determine yourself what the subject of these study components will be. You can use one semester as free space. Besides an extra internship in the Netherlands or abroad, you can take free modules, for example an extra design workshop within HAS green academy, a Bachelor Class with external parties such as municipalities and companies or a minor at another educational institution. An interdisciplinary module in area development or a final design workshop are also among the possibilities, before you graduate in the final semester. Most research and graduation assignments take place in close collaboration with clients from professional practice.

Work and forwarding

As an ML graduate, you will receive the title Bachelor of Science. You can work as a designer, advisor, (future) project leader or (policy) employee at, among others, design and consultancy firms, governments and management organizations. You can also become self-employed. After the program you can continue studying at the Master programs in Wageningen and Delft or at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.

The BOS Landscape Group

BOS Landscape group

The BOS Landscape group aims to connect and inspire professionals and students and is an initiative of students Management of the Living Environment at HAS green academy. Watch the information video of the program here: