Master Landscape architecture TU Delft

Master Landscape architecture TU Delft

TU Delft’s Landscape Architecture track is about making space inspired by nature, art and technology where the formal, material and cultural qualities of place are the starting point of the design. The track teaches students to transform and create compositions “through” scale, time and as a process. Landscape architecture is an independent design discipline closely related to urban planning and architecture.

What you will learn
The landscape architect connects interior and exterior spaces: from architectural ensembles, including gardens, urban spaces and large-scale urban, rural and infrastructural landscapes. Students learn to see the landscape as a contextual carpet pad for understanding, ordering and acting in spatial transformations. Emphasis is placed on the historical continuity of landscape as a process.

The Landscape Architecture track is situated within the Faculty of Architecture and focuses on structural engineering.

Watch this video and get an overview of the discipline, program content and your career options. [8 minutes]

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