Delft University of Technology (Master)

Delft University of Technology (Master)

The graduate programme in landscape architecture at Delft University of Technology is a two-year full-time programme leading to a Master of Science in architecture, urbanism and the building sciences with a specialisation in landscape architecture.

MSc graduate programme

The Master track in Delft develops core knowledge and skills as a basis for innovative practical and theoretical applications. The aim is to provide students with typological knowledge and insights into landscape architectonic design tools and techniques across all scales.


In addition to design skills, the programme offers courses in:

  • history and theory of landscape architecture
  • analysis,┬ávisualisation and research methodologies for landscape architecture
  • landscape formation processes and the traditions of landscape development
  • social & behavioural sciences,┬ásocial and historical geography
  • climatic, geomorphological and vegetative processes
  • environmental aspects of landscape design
  • plants and planting design
  • landscape materials and structures and built environment technology

Four research domains

The programme is grounded in the architectonic traditions of landscape architecture and in landscape architecture within the context of the urban realm. The MSc programme is linked to the research programme Urban Landscape Architecture through theory and methodology, and through researchers and research projects, which form part of the MSc programme. The four research domains are:

  • the foundations of landscape architecture
  • the landscape of delta areas
  • the urban landscape
  • heritage landscapes

These domains are core and recurring themes in the teaching programme. is the blog of the Chair of Landscape Architecture

Polis Platform for Urbanism is the study association for Urbanism and Landscape architecture Master students of the Faculty of Architecture of TU Delft.

This short film introduces you to the faculty and the Master Landscape Architecture: