The Dutch School of Landscape Architecture (DSL) is a collaboration between the Netherlands Association of Landscape Architecture (NVTL) and the educational and research institutes for garden and landscape architecture in the Netherlands:


The DSL was established in 2010. The mission of the DSL is to maintain the strong national and international position of Dutch professional practice and research, and of training programmes in garden and landscape architecture. The DSL pursues this mission with the following activities:

  • offering a platform to improve quality
  • contributing to the development and sharing of expertise
  • contributing to a research agenda
  • promoting a national and international network in the area of landscape architecture for practitioners and students
  • supporting its partners in the field of research and development
  • initiating joint projects.

The DSL distinguishes itself from other bodies through its integral approach to the profession in the Netherlands, an approach that unites professional practice, education and research.



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