Programmes in garden and/or landscape architecture

Programmes in garden and/or landscape architecture

Five colleges of education in the Netherlands offer programmes in garden and/or landscape architecture:

The DSL has gathered together all Dutch study programmes in landscape architecture in a document, called the DSL Working Document for Education Programmes. It can be downloaded in three parts:

Graduation projects

Recent graduation projects of the Dutch colleges can be viewed – and in some cases downloaded – online. Check out this page.

What type of work can you do after completing your studies?

As a landscape architect you can work for advisory firms, engineering offices, government bodies, housing associations, landscape managers and water boards. You can work as a designer, planner, policy official, project manager, researcher or independent consultant. The possibilities are numerous. Dutch offices operate all over the world and can offer you an opportunity to work in different countries.

Watch the short film below which offers you an impression of the field of work: