Professional practiceLANDLAB / Funenpark Amsterdam

LANDLAB / Funenpark Amsterdam

In this film Bram Breedveld of LANDLAB explains his design for public space at Funenpark. Located to the east of the centre of Amsterdam, Funenpark is built to a high density of 550 dwellings on a 4-hectare site. The design of this former industrial site focuses on enhancing the experience of the landscape as much as possible.

No cars: living in a green and tranquil park

The buildings are set in a grass park containing 170 Locust trees. The absence of cars and gardens at ground level enhances the feeling of living in a green and tranquil park where children can play freely. For this project Breedveld teamed up with the municipality of Amsterdam, urban designer Frits van Dongen, nine different architects, and Heijmans property developer.